A Quick Look Into Future Rock Band Updates (Future Meaning 10/10)



  • Months ago, when they mentioned that an upgrade was coming in the fall, there was lots of speculation on what BIG features might be included. I thought I set my expectations realistically low. Too early to say for sure.

    While we don't know for certain without HMX confirming, the tease months ago may have been for the note highway skins.
  • Vexus said:

    There's been a lot of outcry for improvements to the character creator. I'm about ready to give up on that ever happening though.

    IIRC, Sussman touched on character creation briefly yesterday when talking about the new highway skins. The goal behind the skins was user personalization and character creator is another way that can be done. It seemed odd that he mentioned it. I wonder if maybe there's still some hope for some improvements there.
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