Near heckin' misses!

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A thread for those moments that don't quite deserve to be considered your "victory for the week", but came pretty close. Just, not quite close enough. For example:


Missing an FC on a spotlight song because of a single overstrum? Oh heck yes!


  • LiveHomeVideoLiveHomeVideo Trying too hard

    @NightmareLyre and I both got Gold on this one, just short of making it onto our double-post on the Victory thread.
  • On my sight read of "Baby Come Back" on guitar, I missed the very first chord of the song because I was somehow too lazy to place one of my fingers down. I figured I'd just continue, there was no way I was FCing it anyways.

    Naturally, I proceeded to FC the rest of it, including that solo.
  • Serious overstrummage and/or a bad OD path?
  • Looks like they got the FC, so probably a bad path. Iirc, that happened to me the first time I played Policy of Truth... Didn't know about that 24 measure wait and yeah...
  • That happened to me on Tennessee Flat Top Box on Bass (I think that was the song). It did not seem that I took a terrible path as it is not a song with a long break nor did it have sections with lots of notes compared to others. I since corrected and got Gold Stars too.
  • If I remember correctly, it took me more than a few 100% full combos before I finally gold starred Tainted Love.
  • Vexus said:

    Serious overstrummage and/or a bad OD path?

    It wouldn’t be an fc if there was overstrummage.

    The only ways you can get poorer fc scores are by bad overdrive pathing, or not holding your sustains.

    Like ny above, I also failed to gs Tainted Love with an FC.
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    Only missed two phrases, but then again I don't consider myself a good vocalist so this is also kind of a victory. [shrugs]
  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior
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    Yesterday I was two notes away from FCing "I Am Electric" on drums. Two notes.

    What made it even worse was that it was at a part of the song I never mess up. Hopefully I'll remedy this soon, though, since that run proved that it's within my ability, at least.
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    I mean 100% on a sightread is worth the "omg" face that Yumiko's got here, but that one overstrum is ticking me off ;-;
  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior
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    One note away from FCing "When the Curtain Falls" on drums.

    What sucks is that this is one of those songs that has a fast 4-note hi-hat roll that's too fast for my pro cymbals to properly detect (my cymbals don't register really fast stuff well at all), so it's probably going to remain un-FCable for that reason.
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    I was on track to FC'ing the first Hot For Teacher guitar solo (never got anywhere close before) but then lag suddenly ruined my streak and lead to my worst score on the full song in a few years (4 stars).
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