Missing dlc from RB3 to RB4

I purchased RockBand 4 for the xbox one. I have RB3 on the 360 as well.
I used the code to get all my dlc and previous rockband stuff in the new Rock Band 4.

Unfortunately, some songs seems to have not followed. I remember i had Firewind DLC and i can't find it anymore. I also had Evanescence DLC and it is also gone. When i go to the store I can't download the evanescence songs I would need to purchase them again. Firewind songs are gone from the store.

I'm also missing some seether and others that I have yet to find.

I have always used the same xbox account on my consoles so the purchase history should be ok.

Any tips on where to get them?

They are still in my purchase history on my xbox account.


  • Were these Rock Band Network songs? That doesn’t carry over to the new consoles, unfortunately.
  • Hello and welcome to the Rock Band Forums.

    I’m a PlayStation RB4 player, but I can help, somewhat. First of all, in regards to the missing Firewind songs. That’s a RBN song, thus it doesn’t port to Xbox One. But RB4 is releasing RBN songs as DLC. So, you’ll have to wait until Firewind shows up.

    As for Evenescence. Which ones are you missing?
  • RBN songs do not transfer from last gen to current gen. Firewind and Seether only got DLC via RBN on last gen, the missing Evanescence DLC is likely Going Under (another RBN song).

    So if you can still play RB3, go into quickplay and filter the songs such that only "Rock Band Network" is present for Source, these are all the songs that won't transfer.

    If you want to play RBN songs in RB4, some are being re-released as normal DLC though you will have to repurchase because of licensing issues.
  • Looks to me like an RBN issue.

    Firewind and Seether were bands exclusive to Rock Band Network, and Evanescence had one track (Going Under) come out via RBN rather than standard DLC as well. For reasons @HMXOwl can probably explain far better than I could, the purchase entitlements weren't transferrable between console generations. Going Under and some of the Seether songs have been re-released as DLC for RB4, so you can (and if you want to have them in RB4, will have to) purchase them again, but Firewind and at least one Seether song hasn't been.

    Is it just Going Under that's missing or are any of the other six Evanescence songs missing too?

    (Also since you seem to like both Seether and Evanescence, you can get the Seether/Amy Lee collab Broken in the RB4 store - just thought that might interest you!)
  • I think I'm missing more than one evanescence song because in my xbox account it's an evanescence pack, one of the first dlc i purchased i think on rock band 1.

    as for firewind and seether, that explains it. Thanks a lot for your help guys.
  • If it was purchased on RB1, then Evanescence Pack 01 (Bring Me To Life, Weight of the World, Call Me When You're Sober) is missing since Evanescence Pack 02 (What You Want, Everybody's Fool, Lithium) was an RB3-era release. Still, no reason you shouldn't have the entitlement if you've only ever used one account.
  • Yes, it' the pack 01
    I'll try to load it from the xbox
  • Alright, i could pick it up from the xbox store. that's great!
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