Metal Track Pack

Maybe someone can lead me towards a work around, or maybe this is just the way it is. I purchased every song from the metal track pack, but all were bought individually. I can't get these three into RB4 for whatever reason...all others work just fine.

Master of the Universe
Hair of the Dog

The Sony store says each is free, but when I click on them each says 'You are not eligible to purchase or download this content.' I'm not sure why the others work, but these three don't. Forgive me if this has been discussed already, I just couldn't find anything helpful.


  • Ok, I'll just post this in case it helps someone else. I had given up on the PS4 store years ago, and was only using the Sony web store to send to my PS4. I did a search from the PS4 and found these three, and it actually let me download them there. Also, taking the time to go through all dlc (which was very slow)...I found 10 others I had rights to.
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    I guess it had something to do with the delisting, Levitate hasn't been available to buy in a long time.

    I didn't post it because I thought it wasn't useful for your problem.
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