1st Play Bonuses Not Working

None of my challenge songs are showing 1st Play Icons and when I play them it doesnt apply the bonus either. I have tried to restart the game already but that did not work.


  • 1st Crew Play Bonuses do not apply for new members added after the challenge starts regardless of being in another crew or not.

    Harmonix got back to me and said this is how its suppose to work.

    Funny how i never saw a single post or announcement in regards to this change when they announced the other changes that would take place.

    Are we suppose to assume this is a change without having a proper announcement because it proves quite inconvenient to crews that add a new member that wasnt in another crew at the start of the season and now has to deal with contacting Harmonix and scouring forums and posts to figure out what is wrong to be told later its normal.

    This is why Harmonix is not being taken seriously as of late because they pay their employees to do their jobs and they consistently cant do them properly by introducing severe bugs to the game, neglecting to listen to our complaints and not notifying their customers of rule and/or policy changes expecting us to know them.

    We as the players/customers of Harmonix games have a voice and it needs to be heard properly. We arent your puppets, we arent your play testers and we have to be treated with respect. WE are what makes YOU money, so do you jobs right for heaven's sake.
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    I recommend copying and pasting this exact text into a few more threads to make you feel better.
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