Electronic Drum Kits

So I’ve been thinking about getting an electronic drum kit, watched a video about what all you need when getting one and In one fell swoop my dreams were shattered. So I play on Xbox One S and I’ve already got a lot invested into songs I was wondering if there is any drum kit out there that would connect to my Xbox without needing that extremely rare and overpriced Legacy adapter, I was looking at one for 200 on eBay and saw another for 500 and that’s really an extreme downer for someone late to the party. Any and all help/advice is appreciated.


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    You will need a legacy adapter for an eKit to work on your XB1S.

    I'd get that one for $200, as that's as decent a price as I've seen lately.
  • Yeh I’m broke so there is no chance in buying that but that’s just awful that’s there is no other way, I would make the switch but so much money on songs,
  • The PDP wired adapter and the Midi Pro Adapter is the only solution for pro drums on Xbox One..

    If you play just drums then a GH5 drum module mod and a Legacy wireless adapter is a cheaper possibility. It depends on how cheap and easy it is to find a GH5 drum kit to modify.
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