Any plans to re-launch this?

I got my set today with 4 playlist packs for a huge discount at Game in the UK, it was only by chance that I even learnt about the existence in the last week when I watched a video gameranx put on their YouTube channel entitled "What killed guitar hero/rockband games?".

Game didn't even have these out in the store, they said they hadn't had any interest in it and they never received any promotional materials so really struggled to market it. They also stated that it was realised at a really bad time and the board was priced way too high £119.99 RRP).

It's really surprising that with the backing of Hasbro that I haven't seen any advertising for this at all, the game is certainly unique and entertaining, with the upcoming holiday season surely it would be a perfect time to start pushing it again? I can see you're still actively supporting the game via your YouTube channel but again it seems like you have an extremely limited audience.

What are the plans for the future?


  • Our future plans include continuing to support the game. Season 2 is only just beginning with the first two playlists that went up for pre-order last week. There's still plenty more to come!
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