Rock Band 3 Save Data Problem

I have been playing Rock Band for approximately 7-8 years and I have always played it on PS3. I just recently got a PS4 and used the same account I use for the PS3. I have never had them on at the same time though, and last night I accidentally turned on and started Rock Band 3 on my PS3 while having my PS4 on and signed in. When Rock Band 3 started my Band data was reset. It reset my level, scores, goals, and band name. It changed my band name to BeastHossNasty (my PS3 and PS4 PSN name) and my level to 0. I immediately remembered I had both PS systems on and quickly turned off my PS4 and turned my PS3 off and on. It still did not change back. My old band name was “Dream” and I think I was on “Hall Of Fame” or “Legend” level. Like I said before, I have been playing this game for 7-8 years, I love it. I think this happened because I had both systems on so for some reason Rock Band Online was pulling my Rock Band 3 data from my PS4, which is no data. So, in turn, making me restart the game. I don’t know if I am to contact Harmonix Support or PlayStation support. I hope there is a way for me to get my old Band and data back. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I believe I provided all information and steps I took, if more information is needed, let me know. Also, I contacted Play Station and they told me to reset to a previous saved game via the 'cloud'. I did this and it still did not work


  • I do not have Rock Band for the PS4 and I have never played Rock Band on my PS4
  • The PS3 and PS4 cannot communicate with each other like that, not even with cloud saving, so it wasn't the fact that they were on at the same time that caused the issue. Unfortunately, it sounds like something on your PS3 glitched and your save data got corrupted. Maybe someone else knows if this kind of data is restorable?
  • I hope someone does. I can look in to it or I'll call Play Station back and tell them I think this is what happened.
  • Actually i have something similar. Incase its relevant i use a ps3 and earlier i had rb3 in (pro mode baby) and i have all the songs from 1 and 2 imported on to it as well. I couldn't find a track, and realized that all the rb2 songs were missing. I just checked my download list and can't find my export ticket (or what ever I'm suppost to call it). Im not sure what happened to the info on my hardrive but it should show up on my download list. I had to pay money for it. Anyone with any ideas or unlike the other games like 1 or the rock and metal packs is it labeled funny? Harmonix just gives us this, so i can't send them a message, at least as far as I can tell. Does someone know something or have any ideas? Thanks.
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