Looking for the best solution for connecting two pedals.

I want to connect two pedals (two triggers) to the drum brain. (Roadie rock box) Im only gonna use it for RB4.

The drum brain has one kick input jack port, so im guessing i HAVE TO use a Y-splitter cable?

Iv been looking at jack y-splitter cables. what iv learn so far is, its have to be a stereo cable, and you cant trigger both pedals simultaneously. Witch sounds like trouble to me, i donno.

Anyone here ever done this before?

Best regards Chris.


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    If it is an RB4 stock drum kit, then you can use the black port for an extra foot pedal. They updated the software to allow this.

    Legacy drum kits require a splitter.
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    What's a "Roadie Rock Box"?

    If it takes a normal Rock Band pedal, then it probably works like a normal Rock Band kit. And on a normal ROck Band kit you can't just use a splitter to add another pedal because the pedals are "active low" and holding one down prevents the other from generating a trigger. That's why those special double kick adapters were around back in the day.

    If you're going to try and play two pedals with the pedals up at rest you're gonna have two mad calves. :)

    So what does a "Roadie Rock Box" use for a pedal input?
  • Thanks for the quick answers. It's a modified ion kit. With good quality double pedals. I'm drumming in my apartment, so I bought these triggers😀
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