Suggestion for Badge driven future Rivals seasons

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I thought it might be a good idea to start a Suggestions thread for future Rivals seasons. If there is already one out there , sorry, didn't see it in recent feeds. Feel free to add.

I was trying to think of ways to have Rivals feel more co-op within the crew. I am much more PVE than PVP (player versus player) and I'm also feeling that Rivals is is getting kinda stale. I understand that having two new release songs as spotlight songs is good business for Harmonix. I hope that this suggestion would give more options yet still encourage song buying.

1. Take out Spotlight Songs completely.

2. Each week would have crew challenges - adding more and more difficult challenges as the weeks progress.
For example - week 1 - to promote the crew needs to complete at least 5 out of 15 challenges.
1. play a RB4 disc song
2. 5 star a song (plus points given to crew for difficult level easy:50 medium:100 hard: 150 expert:200 brutal:225)
3. play a song who's title starts with a "C"
4. complete a song on hard or expert difficulty
(plus points given to crew for stars two stars:50 / three stars:100 / four stars: 150 5 stars:200 gold stars:225 Brutal 5 star:250)
5. play a song that was released on RB4 within the last three months
6-15 etc. etc.

If the crew completes the required challenges/badges they promote to next tier.
The competitive side is that crews also get points towards the leader-board for challenges and XP for playing songs, so each tier would have a leader-board (like we do now)

For the challenges, think of the cool challenges for fans from RB3 combined with the Badges of RB4

Tier 1 - need 5/15 challenges completed to promote to next tier
Tier2 -need 10/25 challenges (add 10 more challenges , need 10 total to promote (including what was gained in week 1)
Tier 3 - need 20/40 challenges ( additional harder challenges added each week)
etc etc

If a crew knocks out all 15 challenges in week one, they will automatically move up the tiers each week - but it isn't spontaneous.
i.e. no going from tier one to tier four

Whoever gets the challenge for the crew first gets the Badge/credit.
i.e. our medium drummer gets 5 stars on a song on medium. They get that badge for the crew and no one else can get that particular badge. BUT if someone plays on a harder difficulty and gets 5 stars, they would bump up the crew points received for the challenge for the crew.

Just trying to think of something new. I bet as a forum we could come up with hundreds of easy, medium and hard challenges for Harmonix. We already have the badge system in place and this would make it more useful.


  • challenge - play a set in show mode Tokyo
  • Honestly I'd buy less through your method. But I've also been playing less Rivals anymore. It is very stale.
    The bugs of recent don't help. (Had terrible guitar issues tonight and it's not my guitar. Didn't happen prior to this patch)
  • BachiGBachiG Inconceivable...
    I agree that Rivals play as-is has become very long in the tooth. The only reason I contribute is because playing online with friends that pick play challenge songs is a great way to “mix up” the song choices you may not play often otherwise, and choosing from a smaller list of 200ish songs is way easier that 2000.

    The spotlight song playing I could care less about although I do usually give the songs I have a once through on drums and bass... but I certainly don’t grind them for prime scores anymore.

    I’m open to any suggestions including the badge driven version @gaiacat made above...or that anyone else comes up. Really after what? nearly 2 years? Something truely fresh (besides just adding the LP metric) would be welcome.
  • @BachiG the LP metric doesnt help me much as I’ve been trying to improve my harmony scores and it doesnt count harmonies . Blah 😁
  • rkbdgurlrkbdgurl Road Warrior
    Only speaking for my crew, but we really still love the spotlights. It gives our band an opportunity to really shine. Everyone in our crew is welcome to do spotlights and see who can end up with top scores. There are no designated Spotlight players. Also our crew is finally really beginning to move up in the ranks, We've been bloodstone each season for a while now, and I don't think they are getting bored doing that, but I do think some additional fun challenges would amp us all up. I'm not a badge fan. But if there were immediate rewards for things that you do through the coarse of grinding that would make it more fun and less of a "grind" I wouldn't be opposed at all.
  • ZenzukiZenzuki Unsigned
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    The problem with the badges is that other than the quick pop during the intros, you nor anyone else ever see's them again! (Heck, if you blink or happen to join others mid-set, you don't even see the icon anyway!) Like the level token only being seen by you even though it shows up on the results screen along with everyone else's. Why do the others simply showing their instrument icon?!?! Lemme see their levels also!

    What they need to do is replace the instrument icon next to our names and on the results screens (everybody knows what they're playing anyway). And replace it with our chosen badge.

    Also allow for the results screen badge to "cycle" front to back intermittently. On the front is our chosen badge image and when it flips, the other side of the coin shows our current level token (including the current progress meter to the next level around edge as it does now).

    This would give us the options of showing off not only our various earned badges, it also would allow others to see what level we've attained and/or how much time we dedicated to RB play.

    While these types things may skew more towards the vanity realm, they ARE things that HMX has added into the game and COULD and SHOULD be used in more places within the game world. Why work on a particularly hard badge or grind up a decent level if there's no way to show it off! I mean, isn't the object of the game to emulate being rockstars? Rock stars are kinda showy by nature!

    Giving these things a bit of pride of place would give us somewhere to proudly display cool and interesting achievements for others we're playing with to see. HMX could then start creating really cool badges as Rivals Rewards (in addition to the missions ones). They would be much easier to create than the various clothes, gear, skins, etc. as they are very uniform in nature and the current UI layout already has the spaces for these icons built and in place.

    Seems with some coding tweaks, we could have an entirely new rewards category to show off and enjoy! Ones that don't impact our on-stage avatars or gem tracks! :smiley:
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