Rock Band 4 Hotfix Out Now!



  • I've had multiple freezes where the game locks but the audio continues(have to close the game completely). Other times where it hangs, then kicks to menu...and other times where it hangs, then continues but the calibration is off. Happens in solo or multi, but mostly with friends. Hope they get it fixed....but this is what brought me here. Is there a chance the LP stats are glitched right now? Happy Hour has all 212 songs, and each one has a ribbon with the 20k max....yet we are 10k short on our total. Any ideas HMX?
  • I haven't had a single crash in over 100 songs played online and offline since the hotfix, and no new issues arose for me (and the other ones besides the frequent crashing didn't affect me even before, thankfully).

    Thanks for the quick fixes, HMX, much appreciated!
  • I am also having the pausing song issue on PS4. I opened a ticket with the issue. Same as described above, although it only stopped for about 2-3 seconds (video, audio was fine), but the song was completely out of whack after it resumed. I was playing solo in a show and it was midway through the first group of three songs, so four songs in.
  • Yeah my track just paused in the middle of the song and made the entire calibration off. This was a old issue if i remember correctly. Going to hold off on buying DLC til its fixed.
  • Is anyone else having the issue of not being able to continue an online session after a setlist finishes? The game won't let me go back to the song selection screen. I have to go back to the green room to proceed.
  • Yeah my track just paused in the middle of the song and made the entire calibration off. This was a old issue if i remember correctly. Going to hold off on buying DLC til its fixed.

    Yep, same issue for me on PS4. Didn't have the issue with the original update, have it now with this Hot "Fix". Can no longer find my comfort zone with calibration.
  • I'm sick to death of having to constantly adjust and readjust calibrations.
    I remember back in the good ol days once upon a time, once it was set it was set. One never had to compensate for extra players, or have it revert to a previous setting when another user joined locally. It never changed mid-song either.

    Good times they were. Good times
  • EmalytheEmalythe Rising Star
    Last night, I experienced the return of the stutter-lag on my Xbox One X. It's been a while since I've had to deal with that. I rebooted my console a couple of times without any change. Also, the game tends to lock up when I'm in the Rivals song-selection menu and try to check my own score on a song.
  • Played 16 songs online last night in a full band ( I played vocals on PS4) . Very first song I missed first phrase but it gave me 100% FC for song and another song in first 8 song playlist kept my multiplier going (at least it said so) but took away my overdrive (this was not before a tamborine part) and did NOT give me the deserved 100% FC. The second set list was really fubar. Did not register that I missed any phrases (kept multiplyer and filled entire pie) while playing but two songs in a row showed not even 5 gold stars and gave me 5 stars 98% and 99% back to back.
  • Also, the stutter was occurring last night on several songs. PS4 online multiplayer
  • Well, lets hope with the torrent of comments about continuing issues, they will issue a proper patch to address all of these prior to the next Season starting. That way the calibration issue especially will not be as frustrating during the new season.
  • The last couple times I played I had random freezes/jumps in the tracks. Ruins the song and frankly sours the experience as a whole.
  • Any chance they're going to fix this game? Ever since the "fix" I can't get adequate calibration and the game freezes/jumps every time I play (PS4) ... which is certainly a lot less than I used to.
  • GraffinGraffin Rising Star
    It'd be great if they updated the smartphone app as well... that's long overdue, but most of all i'd like the audio controls back adjustable on the fly (as they were in previous RB games), not having to pause the game to change it.
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