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Hey everyone! I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately and I figured it’s kind of a waste to keep it all to myself. Besides, writing about the music a bit will hopefully enrich my own musical experience further. I’m not planning any long essays or anything like that. I just figured I’d share the albums I listened to each week. For each album that I loved, I’ll share the songs I liked best from it and some info about its content. I’ll also share the individual songs I loved that came off albums I didn’t love (or just songs I heard on their own). No guarantees that I’m going to make this a regular thing, but I would like to as long as it doesn’t become cumbersome.

As for this week, I’ve been listening to a ton of garage rock, psychedelic rock, and some friends of those genres from the mid to late 1960s. Right now, I’m focusing on this to learn more about the birth of punk rock so most of the bands I list this week have that proto-punk connection. In addition, I listened to some other albums by Queen, Garbage, Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd, and Billy Joel.

I do rate the music I listen to but please understand that's merely to convey how much I enjoyed listening to it and is not at all meant to be some objective claim on how good or bad the music is. Here’s what they mean. If I view it as a new favorite it gets anywhere from 1 to 5 hearts depending on how much I loved it. If I thought it was awesome or on the higher end of great, I give it a star. If it's anywhere from good to the lower end of great, I give it a smiling face. If I felt anywhere from indifferent to mixed, I give it a neutral face. If I actively disliked it, I give it a frowning face (this will rarely happen because I have very broad tastes and do not often truly dislike music).

I did it all in a google doc, because I'm sharing this with other outlets as well and because there's more formatting options there. Here is the link:


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    Hello friends and music lovers! I heard a lot of cool music this week. I’m quite happy with some of the personal discoveries I’ve made and look forward to growing with some of these albums in years to come. The punk roots exploration continues into the early 1970s this week with several new (and often strange) bands jumping on to the scene. Apart from that I also listened to some jazz, some classic pop, some prog rock, and some alternative rock.

    Artists included this week: Alice Cooper, Crushed Butler, Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller, Hawkwind, MC5, The Modern Lovers, Muse, Neu!, Pat Metheny Group, Pink Fairies, The Pretty Things, The Stooges, Styx, Thin Dark Line, and The Velvet Underground.

  • We’re so close to punk now! I listened to a lot less music this week, but still accomplished my bare minimum goal of two albums a day. Fortunately, it was quality over quantity this week as nearly half the albums I heard were awesome (and most of the rest were at least great). Aside from the punk stuff, there’s a bit of jazz as well. I also heard one of the best albums I’ve ever listened to!

    Artists included this week: Death (not the metal band), The Dictators, Herbie Hancock, Neu!, New York Dolls, Pat Metheny Group, Patti Smith, Pink Fairies, The Punks, The Stooges, and Thelonious Monk.

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    Alas, I was feeling a bit burnt out this week, so I only got around to eight albums. Still, I gave each album I listened to their due, and there was some great stuff as usual this week. Most of the stuff I listened to resides in the punk exploration sphere so bail if you don’t like that. The exception is the Flamin’ Groovies who were espousing a pop sound but still had an important role in punk history. As a preview, I think next week I’m going to take a break from punk and do a bit of a random week, listening to some randomly selected bands. I’ll be back to punk for Thanksgiving week though!

    Artists included this week: Blondie, Death, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Electric Eels, Flamin’ Groovies, Radio Birdman, Rocket from the Tombs, and The Tubes.

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