Multiplayer Crash - Partially Solved

This was a great dance-exercise game until it started crashing in two player mode. A "Player Lost" message would frequently appear and interrupt the game. The Kinect Sensor works fine outside of the program but the Dance Central Program creates a memory overrun error which disables the Kinect Sensor while Dance Central is in two player mode. This sometimes also occurs in single player mode. As a former programmer I'm fairly certain it's a memory overrun error that could be corrected in code but there is no software support for this game.

Here is my solution: Turn on your Xbox One without starting any games/programs. Let it go to sleep mode where the screen grays out. You can change the time it take to go to idle mode in the Preferences>Idle Options menu. This will place the Kinect Sensor memory into a different location which usually doesn't interfere with the Dance Program. Now sign in both players before launching the game. Launch the game and you should be able to play without interruptions. This worked for me. Since then I have downloaded more new songs and use them often for the two player fitness mode.
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