Happy 8th Birthday, RB3!

One of my favourite entries in the main RB series celebrates its special day today!

I remember picking up this game on release day, the first time I'd done that for any Rock Band game. I played the heck out of it on both Wii and Xbox 360, picking up a ridiculous amount of DLC on both consoles. Those were the days.

Any of you still head back to your last-gen consoles to rock out on RB3?


  • What a coincidence! Man, I don't plan that, I'm am on my way to fIX my 360 just tô play old rb games. I love rb3 and rb2.
    Rb2 characters and animation are so fun!
  • Meat-PopsicleMeat-Popsicle Road Warrior
    edited October 2018
    Not as often as I should! The last time was right about when RBN songs were being pulled from the store and I bought about 20 more. I had a long "just RBN songs" jam session and it was great fun re-visiting many of those tunes.

    My 1990s MIDI keyboard + the MIDI adapter + RB3 remains one of the most satisfying gaming experiences ever, and yet I haven't bothered to set that up in YEARS. I really need to do that before I completely forget how it's done, or the equipment all breaks / gets stolen / destroyed by flood. Or I lose use of my hands / brain in a terrible car accident. We are promised nothing in this world and that would be one of my regrets if I were to be taken soon ... "I should have played more RB3 keyboard!".
  • grumblevolcanogrumblevolcano Headliner
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    With my last gen instruments broke, I'm not heading back to RB3 anytime soon (only RB Blitz out of last gen music games). If I still had working instruments, I may have headed back for a best of not yet in RB4 RBN setlist but in the end stuff like this and the bad current gen instruments situation shows that the decision should always be hoard instruments.

    All I can hope for is this the rest of my RBN favourites come to RB4 and that all songs playable in RB4 ends up playable on next gen (by backwards compatibility and/or a RB5).
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star
    I went to the midnight release and was disappointed that not only was I the only one there for RB3, I was also about three times older than anyone else there.

    I took the next day off work to WROCK. Just like I did for RB1 and TB:RB. I'm still pissed that they released RB2 on a Sunday instead of a Tuesday, thus preventing from taking the day off to RAWK.
  • TheStuddz said:

    Any of you still head back to your last-gen consoles to rock out on RB3?

    Not lately, but I should do that one of these days.
  • I was working in retail when RB3 came out so day 1 for me. Remember finishing the career mode in an evening or so which made me a bit disappointed but remember loving everything else, including the amazing song list.
  • Loved RB3. The visuals, the character customization (also the other customizations)... all of it.
    Song Headers, Album art... all of it was perfectly sorted and sized. The song information screens were beautiful.
    Good times... I put about 5,000+ hours into the game (with a full-time job) over the course of these 8 years. Can't say I'm even close to 500 hours of RB4....
  • Yes, RB3 was great. I loved playing the Keyboard. It made me so happy.
  • GraffinGraffin Rising Star
    Yep... still playing RB3... the best in the series. Pro Guitar/Bass, Keyboards, better Character Customisation, and well, all of my 350+ RBN songs are there (only 2 of which have made it onto RB4, and not holding my breath that the others will with the rather odd choices and only 2-3 songs coming every couple of weeks).

    I love RB3. Best music/rhythm game ever!
  • I reconnected the old 360 a couple weeks ago to play some Pro Bass, looking into taking up real Bass. Most of my favorite rock songs/bands have keyboards and to play along with those songs on a keyboard is the best.
  • I reconnected the old 360 a couple weeks ago to play some Pro Bass, looking into taking up real Bass.

    Rocksmith is your friend.
  • For drums and keyboard rb3 was the best. Pro mode was a good thing. For real guitar and bass, rocksmith is best. I've still never used a plastic guitar
  • It's been a long time since I Rock n Rolled...
  • Still my favorite game in the series. It's the only one that has keys and pro guitar or bass. Plus, with all those great RBN songs, I still have more DLC for RB3, than I do for RB4. I also generally prefer those RBN deep cuts to the more mainstream stuff we get nowadays.

    I do stick to RB4 almost exclusively these days (since it's current, and for Rivals). When RB4 eventually dies off, I'll probably go back to playing RB3 again.
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