DLC Discussion Thread: Discover: ReverbNation Pack 01!

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HMXOwl said:

Special Rivals DLC Release! Discover: ReverbNation Pack 01!

We’ve got another free Pack for Rivals owners this week from our friends at ReverbNation!

For over a decade, ReverbNation has been a pioneering force in the music industry. Using its extensive network of venues, festivals, brands, labels, and publishers, ReverbNation has helped millions of emerging artists get better feedback, wider exposure, and deeper industry access. ReverbNation is one of the largest online music platforms, offering tools and services to help bands manage and advance their careers. Its unique ability to provide artists with opportunities to connect with new fans is one of the reasons why ReverbNation is considered a premier taste-maker for the music and touring industry.  Be sure to head over and check out the site for yourself!

ReverbNation obviously loves music, and we here at Harmonix obviously love music, so we’ve teamed up again to show off more cool music, having previously combined forces along with Firefly Festival for a free Pack back in May. This time we wanted YOUR music to do the talking. Back in June, we put the call out to all of you. ReverbNation Artists could submit their music; we’d review the submissions and pick some great tracks that we’d be proud to include in our own Rock Band library. Thousands of artists responded and we got to work, listening to everything, sharing thoughts and opinions, gauging what it’d be like to play in Rock Band. A lot goes into a fun Rock Band track, since everyone has opinions on what makes something fun. Big choruses, great hooks, fun riffs, tons of variety. There was a lot of heated debate to be had. What we’ve ended up with are four acts that are just that: fun. Discover: ReverbNation Pack 01 is full to the brim with good times, strong instrumentation, great singing, the works. Be sure to play through it (there’s even a Badge for sharing the fun and playing them in a band!) and find new songs for your rotation.

Discover: ReverbNation Pack 01!

  • Barely March - "Thinking Emoji"
  • PREACHERVAN - "Love That Hurts"
  • Ships Have Sailed - "Let's Just Dance"
  • tiLLie - "Save Yourself"

* Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available to Rock Band Rivals owners on Thursday, November 8th.


  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior
    Congratulations to Barely March, PREACHERVAN, Ships Have Sailed and tiLLie for making it to Rock Band.
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    THX HMX I always love free songs, but these sound pretty good.
  • This is what many were predicting, and I myself thought it likely, so I'm not disappointed. I don't know any of the artists or songs, but I'll give them a listen and see what I think.
  • itzJVitzJV Road Warrior
    More free songs! Thanks HMX! I actually like the sound of these songs, will definitely give them a couple plays.
  • tdc002tdc002 Road Warrior
    I like the Barely March song at least. Yay, free stuff.
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    What goes on in the Preacher van?
    Love that Hurts
  • Runa216Runa216 Road Warrior
    shockingly these all sound good and look like fun to play! Great job!
  • These are fine. Nothing particularly stands out to me, but they sound alright. I think tiLLie was my favorite of the previews.
  • These sound all right. Yay for free songs.

    I'd like to point out that this is @dragoninforcer 's band, and his album, "Marely Barch," is awesome. On Bandcamp and Spotify etc. Go listen.
  • GraffinGraffin Rising Star
    Free songs are always appreciated... thanks Harmonix!
  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior
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    First off, super happy about the free pack finally showing up! I knew it had to be coming soon because Harmonix tweeted about people submitting their songs for it way back in June. Second off, I'm extremely surprised Barely March made it as official DLC! I had known about dragoninforcer's new music project for a couple months now, but the last thing I expected was for it to make Rock Band. I'm really proud of him, especially because I love his stuff under Yogurt with Sprinkles as well and have been following his work for so long. So yeah, it's awesome to be familiar with an artist in a free pack for the first time (not counting repeat artists like Ruby Rose Fox).

    Looking forward to checking these out, and thanks a bunch Harmonix!
  • Thought so, free songs time and sounds good from the previews. Is the badge for playing in a full band or will having 2-3 players also allow you to get it?
  • TheStuddzTheStuddz Lil Rascal
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    I liked all four of these tracks, so I'm appreciative of this batch of freebies!

    Pretty awesome that Barely March is @dragoninforcer...as far as I'm aware, this is the first time I've been Facebook friends with an artist featured in Rock Band, and the music they make is perfect for the game.
  • tnevakertnevaker Road Warrior
    yay, more songs i'll play once and then forget about.
    at least these songs don't sound terrible to listen to or look annoying to play, like those RWBY songs.
  • Unlike the past free packs filled with bands I have never heard of, I actually quite like the sound of all these songs. So much so I might actually download them this time.

    Time will tell if I actually play them more than once though.
  • thatmarkguythatmarkguy Road Warrior
    the tiLLie song sounds fantastic (reminds of Alvvays, or recent Metric). The rest sound at least good. Happy to add these to my library. :)
  • They sound pretty good! Nothing intrigued me vocally however, like Shame (last free pack?) did.
  • Free stuff, whoop whoop!
  • odd
    I don't hate any of them
    and I do love the price
  • All 4 songs sound really great, excited to play them all
  • grumblevolcanogrumblevolcano Headliner
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    This has been started in another thread but still important to mention here too. HMX newsletter announced a special Rivals challenge this week with an exclusive track skin reward that seems to be replacing the normal season break.

    EDIT: Upon new info from the other thread, it seems Season 9 begins on November 29th.
  • Don't forget, stream starts at 5pm eastern.

  • Please update us if anything new is revealed at the stream! I’ll be at work and won’t be on!
  • The DLC is out now on XB1.

    Stream info so far:
    Special Challenge (8th-13th)
    Special Challenge (15th-20th)
    1 week break (22nd-27th)
    Season 9 begins (29th)

    Owl beat your score on When The Curtain Falls! Are you just going to accept that? :p
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