Compatible Devices

Hey everyone ... I've just bought my husband the dropmix system and some additonal packs as a Christmas gift. It arrived today and I was like a kid at Christmas myself unwrapping it all. Thought I'd give it a try (purely to make sure it worked of course). You can imagine my disappointment to discover that it is not compatible with our Amazon Fire 7. We have a few Apple Mac laptops and desktops, but that's it. My husband has a Huawei P9 phone, but I can't check it's compatibility as I want the dropmix system to be a surprise on Christmas Day. I'm reluctant to purchase a new tablet just for him to use with Dropmix as I've already pre-ordered him a PS1 mini too (I know ... I'm an awesome wife).
I contacted Hasbro and they directed me to the FAQ section of the Dropmix website that contained a list of compatible devices, but I find it a bit hard to believe that these are the only devices that can be used. It lists devices that are Andriod 5+ and I believe the Huawei P9 is Andriod 6.0 ... does this mean anything?
Does anyone know if the Huawei P9 will work with it? I'm so reluctant to return the Dropmix system as it really is the perfect gift ... this technical hitch aside. I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to all things phones ... so any help would be appreciated.

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