Interesting Historical Pictures Thread

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This thread was inspired by the fully scanned contents of an 1861 illustrated Japanese book on the American revolutionary war

Some highlights:

John Adams fighting a serpent

Ben Franklin firing a cannon

George Washington having a swordfight with an English bureaucrat


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    Richard Nixon's last lunch as President

  • Referring to the original post, is there a translation available for the text? I'd be interested in seeing a Japanese view of the War of Independence.

    On a side note, I'm really glad this thread exists. Yours truly is a big history nerd.
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    coolkat said:

    Referring to the original post, is there a translation available for the text?

    I’m not sure.

  • Is it true that that rebel rebel Jefferson Davis's plan for escaping the Union involved getting them in a whirl and making them not sure if he was a boy or a girl?

    After five years there had been a lot of changes in America, and things weren't exactly hunky dory for the Confederacy. Somebody up there in DC didn’t like Jeff Davis, so those diamond dogs in the army had orders to arrest him as if he was a part of the criminal world. Davis was afraid of Americans from north of the 36°30′ parallel, and at that point he probably would’ve preferred to live his life on Mars anyway, so in a last desperate attempt at escape, he put on his wife’s overcoat and tried to flee, which didn’t work because his fame still allowed the Union military heroes to recognize him. The Northern newspapers couldn’t resist the opportunity to distort the reality of Davis’s sense of fashion, and that was the story of the rise and fall of a Confederate president.

    (On a serious note, this is a fun article:
  • This thread might be my favorite thing in awhile on here. No idea how I missed it. Keep the Historical stuff coming. Love it!
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