DLC Week of 12/27: Andrew W.K. and Barns Courtney!

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DLC Week of 12/27: Andrew W.K. and Barns Courtney!

No matter what side of the pond you come from, rock out this week with new DLC from Andrew W.K. and Barns Courtney!

The partiest dude in music returns to Rock Band just in time for the partiest time of the year! Andrew W.K. latest album You’re Not Alone released earlier this year and we’d be remiss if we didn’t add debut single “Music Is Worth Living For” to the Rock Band library. You’re Not Alone is another hit for Andrew W.K., with a top 10 performance on the Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums chart. Partying never dies. “Music Is Worth Living For” comes at you with tons of energy, which shows itself in its instrumentation. Drummers will find themselves with endless kicks, so make sure you’ve got the energy. The vocals are packed, with gang vocals and tight harmonies wall-to-wall, especially so in the choruses.
Hop over to http://www.andrewwk.com/ and pick up your very own holiday party sweater, then immerse yourself in everything you need from Andrew W.K.’s career. He’s got interviews, television performances, live shows, music videos. The whole site is a massive archive, check it out!
We’ve also got “”99”” from Barns Courtney to keep the energy high. The song, off his untitled, upcoming second album, has already left a mark as a top 20 hit on both Billboard’s Adult Album Alternative and Alternative Songs charts. It’s an excellent sign of what to expect next from Barns Courtney. The bridge of the song will surprise guitarists, with a quick solo-like part that can catch you off guard. If you drum, you’ll find a very unique chart in “”99””, with a bunch of uncommon playing.
If you check out https://www.barnscourtney.com/ you can see everything from great Instagram pictures to upcoming live shows; he’s kicking off US stops in February. You can also stream or purchase The Attractions of Youth while you wait for more songs from his second album.

For the first two weeks of release, songs can be purchased individually for $1.49. Following that two week period, songs can be purchased individually for $1.99. The Rock Band Rivals Season 9 Spotlight Pass can be purchased for $14.99.
  • Andrew W.K. - "Music Is Worth Living For" (Part of the Rock Band Rivals Season 9 Spotlight Pass)
  • Barns Courtney - ""99"" (Part of the Rock Band Rivals Season 9 Spotlight Pass)

* Please note that this week’s DLC tracks are already available for all players! Enjoy your holidays.
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