DLC Discussion Thread: Metal New Year!



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    patl175 said:

    Oh well, i guess my crew won't reach bloodstone this week lol but i'm happy to see that harmonix is still able to get these big names in rb (not that we didn't get anything big lately, Heart was one of my favorite dlc in a long time)

    Doesn't matter, we'll get there anyways.

    This is amazing. This trumps everything released in 2018 for me and the songs will be played a lot in my house. What a way to start the year. I understand the instrument situation but hoping for new ones at this point seems a bit idealistic. Of course, nothing would make me happier to be wrong in this.

    I think last year we got Everlong so maybe Boston'll be back in 2020 and Pearl Jam 2021. Kidding, I'm super glad we got Peace Sells. Would love to see the Duke Nukem theme or actually more game music from other artists, like Mick Gordon.
  • Does this Slayer song qualify as "big"? .

    Size doesn't matter.
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    Peace Sells hasn't appeared on the UK PSN store yet. Is it just on my end?

    Edit: Nevermind, seems up now.
  • Game froze and ruined another FC for me last night. I was not amused.
  • Vexus said:

    Wasn't the reason we got the live versions of Lithium and Come As You Are due to the destruction of the master recordings (and thus stems) or did I just dream (well, have a nightmare about) that?

    The story goes the band and Love were fighting over the masters after Cobain died, and Love set fire to those two.

    This story was around long before we got the rest of Nevermind, and being that those two are live versions it would seem to check out.
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