Company photo shoot gone wrong

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So we're redoing our company website. One of the areas we wanted to add was a Company Bio section, to highlight the management team and key employees. As part of that, someone organized a photo shoot. It was intended to be very classy, suit-and-tie type event.

Unfortunately, no one told me about it and I was not included on the email distribution list. So I walk into the office this morning about 5 minutes before the shoot wearing... a Rock Band themed tee shirt and some jeans (hey, it's Friday, after all). With limited time constraints, there was no opportunity to change. So the photographer ended up shooting me as is, alongside a whole group of business-formal suits.

He seemed pretty annoyed, grumbling after the shoot something about needing to photoshop my appearance.

Moral of the story: Communication is key in any business, especially when organizing photo shoots.


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