Rock Band Companion App Update Now Live! (Android Update 1/12)



  • PJ24PJ24 Unsigned
    Legoyodax said:

    Usually force quit the app and try again. Then it works.

    Loving the update. Makes the app move from sometimes handy to actually useful :)

    Tried that many a time, doesn't work for me :(
  • djb5f1djb5f1 Unsigned
    PJ24 said:

    Does anybody know how to fix the infinite loading screen on the app? I have to latest update (v3.0.1) and use the PS4. I log in, get a blank webpage for a sec and get a loading screen that never ends :(

    I still have not gotten an update for v3.0.1 but I get the same error v3.0.0.

    This does not sound promising for when I do get the update though.
  • When do i get the version 3.0.1 or at least the App before the Upate? I have the v3.0.0 on an IPhone SE in Germany for A PS4 Europe account and have the never ending loading screen.
  • razzorrrazzorr Unsigned
    My app shows the last update to the Activity Feed as January 4th. This is v 3.0.1 on android.
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