PS4 Stuttering and Freezing - Submit Tickets, please!

Per HMXDan over on reddit, Harmonix has been unable to reproduce the issue in-house. They are asking for tickets with as much information about your setup and experiences to try and reproduce the issue.

Please submit tickets here if you are experiencing the issue of video stutters and freezes while the audio continues. Maybe if enough of us send in enough information, they can get this issue sorted out for everyone. Thanks in advance.


  • lightsup55lightsup55 Opening Act
    edited February 3
    I've never experienced the issue, but it might be worth noting if your game is installed to the internal hard drive or an external hard drive. This would apply if you own Rock Band 4 on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

    Just thought I'd mention it.
  • Gonna add a note here, always send all of your issues to our tech support line, that's what it's for! There is no special threshold or need for request/permission, just issue we need to know = ticket you should submit to us!
  • Here, have a video.

  • Intros9Intros9 Unsigned
    Had the first freeze in weeks last night as well. I updated my ticket with what information I had.

    I am leaning against local network issues because I was playing while downloading a PS3 game earlier last night and there was no stuttering or freezing, even when the DL was maxing out my internet connection.
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