[PS4] Macro Monk is looking for a spotlight guitarist/drummer!

Our PS4 crew, Macro Monk is looking for a spotlight guitarist or drummer to fill a recent vacancy. We're a Bloodstone crew that's currently 21st in crew standings for this week and 29th for this season and we've also made Bloodstone in every season so far:

We've got members from both EU and US regions, so you'll easily be able to play with at least some of us, we also love organising online jams and just having fun while still working towards rivals challenge objectives.

There's no minimum DLC/play count or XP/LP quota to meet, all we ask is that you be active and try to play with us and help the crew where help is most needed (i.e. Spotlights, XP or LP). Inactivity due to vacation or IRL obligations is also fine as long as you let us know about it.

We also have a Discord server where most members of the crew are active, to aid us in completing crew goals and organising online play sessions.

If you're interested in joining us, send me a private message here or on PSN (my ID is sny83).
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