Idea for Rock Band to consider

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So, Rock Band is a great game. The one thing it is lacking is The Beatles. Now that Sony owns the rights to the Beatles' music, I think a deal should be easy to make to get Beatles songs exclusive to download on the PS3 (Or a PS3 Beatles disc with 60 Beatles songs or something...). It'll not only give Beatles fans what they've been waiting for, it'll also give the PS3 a killer app, boost their sales, and create a larger future profit for gaming companies. Just a thought.


  • jeccanekojeccaneko Headliner
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    I agree that the PS3 needs a killer app but this isn't the way to do it. It'll just cause complaints from the 360 Rock Band players. Considering there's a large number of people who play Rock Band on 360, that'd be stupid to exclude them in Beatles songs.
  • blinkybrownblinkybrown Unsigned
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    I realize the problems it would cause, I just figured that would be the best way to get Sony to sell the Beatles songs at a reasonable price, and give the public at least one way to get to play Beatles songs. That was my focus more than Sony getting a killer App...they have those on the way already... It was just a thought.
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