Issues with customer service

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I ordered a drum bag last month, and it's been in mid shipment since the 19th. On their site, they state that if your order takes too long to get to you, contact their customer service so they can re-ship.

So, here's the kicker: I've contacted them 3 times, and each time I get an email response: "Your question has been received. You should expect a response from us shortly." And each time, no one actually responds. They ship through UPS, who in turn hands off to U.S. Postal. Neither UPS nor USPS have any idea where the package is.

My only other option is to get the charges on my debit card reversed. But I really want someone from to contact me. There is no phone number on their site. I even called EA to see if they might know what it is, and got nowhere.

Has anyone else had any issues with ordering from
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