If you're buying a 360 for Rock Band...

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They are on sale for $329 on Amazon and ship for free with Super Saver shipping. That's $20 less than the new lower price of $349. So if you've got the money and plan on buying one, now is the time.

Amazon 360 Link

II've seen a few people post they were planning on buying one, so when I saw this, I wanted to spread the word. Hope this helps someone save a few bucks.

Edit: It looks like at Friday 12:51pm EST there's only 1 left in stock. The rumor was that it was to get rid of non HDMI systems, so that's probably it for this deal.


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    Damn I think I waited too long on this one, I should have just ordered it, it looks like it is back to the $349.99 price sadly.
  • monlienNH3monlienNH3 Opening Act
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    They are actually still $329.99, but when you click the link it shows the one in stock sold by "J&R Music and Computer World". However, if you look to the right at "More Buying Choices" you will see Amazon listed at $329.99. It says they won't be in stock until August 18th, but that's still way before you need it for Rock Band. So order now for that price and they'll ship to you when it's in stock. I doubt they'll stay that price for too long.
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