Great Idea = Exposure to the World

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Ok, i'm going to have to say it.
In the age we live in.
Reality TV. seems to be here to stay.

American Idol , Survior, Big Brother, Dance w/ the Stars, ect. ect.

So, with MTV and the jugernaut of gaming EA. I think that.....

...........drum roll............ ROCK BAND should have a new prime time T.V. show.

Yes.... This would be great exposure to the rest of the world.
Think about it... Bands would compete to not only to get signed by a record label they would also make their album available on DLC.

The VOTE system could be linked directly to this website.
So we as fans could help choose the winner and the DLC would ROCK since we in effect help choose the winner.

The TV public could still vote: by phone or by this website adding to the exposure.

The songs the bands choose to play would be feature songs already on ROCK BAND the game.

By doing this it would promote more existing bands to sign on and license their music for RB.

The Stage could change weekly to mimic stages found in the game.
As a special guest feature: You could have Fans of the game come in with their make beleive bands and play the Game as you go to commercials.

I see this a great marketing tool, great exposure, more sponsors since the show would indeed be a PRIME TIME HIT!!! If handled correctly I could see this as the new medium of MUSIC. Sure.. its ROCK MUSIC.
But... what if .... it spawns Country Music , RAP MUSIC spin offs.

Hell, I would love to play some RAP/BEATS on the drums.
HMX this is your ticket to change the way the MUSIC Industry does business.

I think CD sales almost are non existant. P2P - LimeWire downloads are beating I-tunes 1000-1. Music is in trouble.

So what if the next American idol is chosen. Will you buy the CD ? Or would you love to play some Daughtry on Rock Band.

With the right team behind it... I see this happening. I really do.
Hopefully I'll be the first guest on the show... since its my idea :).

Anyway just a thought.


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