Internet Keyboard Commandos

edited February 2008 in Less Rokk More Talk
I really dont get all the bashing and smart ass responses all over this forum. Its an internet forum for discussion and announcment for a damn video game. Calm down people.

I find it especially ironic in that alot of these keyboard hard asses, are probably like a lot of people you meet in the face to face world. You know the type - the guys who wouldnt say **** if they have a mouthful when standing toe to toe with someone else. So relax guys.

As for bashing Harmonix. Come on, are you kidding? The game is outstanding and the DLC is an absolutely phenominal aspect. Do you honestly expect every week to be songs you personally like and love? Be realistic. It must be kept diverse to be fair to the wide range of musical tastes out there.

Stop crying and simply patiently await the next week or the week after that. The effective radius of the harmonix bashing and temper tantrums is precisely zero meters.

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