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I promised I would spill some of the beans regarding my time out at the Grammys last week with John D. I wrote a blog post about it, but only got through Day 1 of my experiences (John and I were in different parts of LA at pretty much all times). There are days worth more of material from each of us. We should probably just publish a book. At any rate check out part one now. If you have an Xbox360, Trixie from Microsoft filmed a piece about stars playing Rock Band that you can watch on your console via the Inside Xbox section of the main menu on the blade that has your profile. It is like right under the profile and a few slots in. John and I are all up in it. We're also in the Grammy Gifting Suite #2 at this site.

Also take a read through Duderella's recap of pre-work (8-9:30am) films on TCM. It is wicked funny. Lastly I also put up links to some of the blogs on the main site including a really good one about how music gets into our game.

I'm out at GDC starting next week and will probably have some fun stories after that (I have some fun stuff planned) as well as a few more good trips after that so I think a steady stream of blogs are forthcoming. I'll also try to strongarm a few other devs back into writing up regular blogs.

I feel like I had something else I needed to say to but it has slipped my mind. Whatever. I'll get it back again!

HMXDuderella recaps a given morning's Turner Classic Movies offerring

Sean at Grammys Part One

For a more complete list of cats we played with go here.

For two awesome articles that spill a bunch of our audio secrets go here.


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