Rock Band Community?

FreakFreak Unsigned
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I like the site, I like the forums. Any question I've asked has been answered in almost no time at all. But what exactly is the community doing? No one is friending anyone besides their own band mates. Yeah I'm glad this place isn't the myspace of the video game world but still. A little more attempt to connect with people outside of flamming each other on the boards, or collectively giving the finger to Harmonix for "sub-par" DLC would be welcome. Anyone else with me?


  • EviEvi Unsigned
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    I'm curious as to what you think should be happening here. These forums were created to ask questions, provide game feedback, and discuss the game with other players, and I see all of these things happening all around.

    If you're looking for people with whom to play with online, or to make friends, check people's signatures. Many people have their gamertag/PSN names, or some contact info in their profile, so if you meet someone you like on here, send them a message/request.
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    I think he mean's the way people are attacking each other lately , it's getting well bogus!
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