Why Not Wii?!?!?

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All I have is a Wii right now. Why didn't they make RockBand for Wii? Wii has a channel for DLC and its still wireless. It just doen't make any sense unless they started making RockBand about 3 years ago-which may have been possible since it was the first of its kind- and didn't know whether or not the Wii would be a big success or a big failure. I still love RockBand and am getting an Xbox 360 for the game, but I want to know why.


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    because the Wii sucks!!!

    Honestly!! this is your second post in the forums, and your already complaining and bitching!?? Relax!! As I understand RB IS coming for the Wii in the future....But do yourself a favor and get it for the 360 or PS3.
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    Weeeellllllllllll if you tried doing a search on google, you could have saved yourself this embarassment by seeing that there are multiple articles listed on google that have released statements showing that RB is coming out on the Wii eventually.
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