Can anyone listen to a guitar part and know what it is?

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So basically what I'm saying is: Can you listen to an entire song and figure out, somewhat easily, what the notes the guitarist is playing? And if you can write down those notes into tabs or whatever? This is not an easy task ladies and gents... Basically, there is a song that I want to learn how to play on the guitar. I am only a novice player so if I listen to something that sounds bad ass and I wanna play it, I have to look up the tabs and hope that it's there. Unfortunately, the bad assery that I want to play isn't anywhere to be found on the intranet.... So if you crazy guitar experts out there could help there is a song that I have grown to love and I really REALLY want to learn the parts to. Even if it's only a small section of the song but preferably the entire thing (accurately). As you can tell by my avatar I'm a Bang Camaro fan (they did Push Push Lady Lightning on GH II) and the song I want to learn is their self titled one "Band Camaro."

The song is here. Just click the "Launch Player" pic on the right and I believe it's the second song down.

I will bow down to anyone who can accomplish this. And give many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Rock on!

p.s. Also, just general discussion on the topic of being able to pick up parts of a song without even knowing it is cool for discussion here as well. ;)


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