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Because Rock Band is not mainstream yet, we know where the new users are coming. Within the past 2 weeks, for some reason, they've all migrated here from the Guitar Hero boards it seems.

The "Rock Band" forum has been flooded with repetitive, pointless posts. It's even caused Xzyliac to begin a "Noob Survival Guide" thread hoping for people to read it to answer all their questions.

Unfortunately, I've been seeing less and less of the people who have been on here for a while, and more new users just asking if there's double bass on the drums, what songs are included, and how does the singing work?

Before you criticize me, even though I registered in July, I've been checking out these boards since early May. There's been so many great in-depth conversations and discussions on these boards. But it seems like now each forum has the same thing that is happening to them:

Announcements: Everytime hmxsean posts something, and it doesn't include actual game news, there's always 2 to 3 idiots demanding new info. Let's show support and tell them how great they're doing!

Rock Band: This forum is now just flooded with the same questions over and over, that can easily be answered simply by reading the front homepage where Gameplay, Instruments, and Songs are detailed.

Your Ultimate Setlist: This forum has gotten past the point of ridiculous. People making lists that consist of at least 5 songs from their favorite band, and with no diversity. Now and then you get a well thought out list, but not often. You want your favorite bands picked apart and flamed to death? Post here!

History of Rock: This is where people can make you feel as stupid as possible. There's always people waiting to see a post that has some error so they can use their leet rock knowledge skills to pwn you.

Album Reviews: See "Your Ultimate Setlist" Another place to have your music preferences shot to Hell.

General: As there are still some great discussions in this forum, I'd have to say it's the only one that holds it's ground. Only problem is when posts that should go here are always found in the Rock Band forum.

I made this thread, just because it's tiring to see the same thing day in and day out. Above is all just my opinion, agree or disagree if you will. I just needed to get that all out.

I just need the friggin' game to come out already so I can stop wasting time on these boards :D


  • lithiumkclithiumkc Rising Star
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    Yep, I agree and I haven't been posting too much lately since i've noticed.. I and most everyone else knew this was coming, so we just have to deal with it. I just hope it doesn't degrade into what the GH forums turned into. At that point I will stop posting altogether. Cinder and Sean are here though so I'm sure they'll be on top of it. Redoctane has nothing to do with their forums which is why they're completely random ****-talking now.
  • MaherjMaherj Rising Star
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    I would agree with most of these posts. I tend to read a lot of posts, but don't reply to many. Most of what I want to say have been said by the more popular posters here, and I don't really like just posting the same stuff over and over.

    As far as online sites like this one goes, people find it easier to post instead of read. Hence why all the questions asked are normally easier answered by reading an FAQ. Hopefully when most of the info is released, the FAQ on this site can be updated as well. The more moderators the better to just shut down threads that can be easily answered by reading the FAQs.

    Also kudos to Xzyliac for working on a list of FAQs as well. It all helps.
  • SmidgetSmidget Rising Star
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    Yep, I agree and I haven't been posting too much lately since i've noticed
    ditto; just here and there. Kinds nice that its less of a distraction from work now though, haha.
  • karlkazakarlkaza Opening Act
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    I agree.
    Very,very well said Mcfly.
    These boards do have a lot of the same Q's popping up in every SINGLE FORUM!
  • mobhit101mobhit101 Rising Star
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    Right on brotha.... right on.
    As long as this forum doesn't go the way of the GH forum I'll be fine. I do think though that the reason there aren't as many new in-depth discussions as there where about 2 months ago is that a lot of the things that have been on everyone's minds have already been brought up in that time. The guys who have been with this forum from the beginning and so forth have touched on A LOT subjects. Not to say that we've run out of good discussions because there are definitely more to come....

    I do agree with the n00bs not using the search function... I'm tired of seeing the same damn thread a million times. Usually though hmxsean is all over that shortly after they've been posted.
  • freakonatefreakonate Rising Star
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    Now you're cookin' with gas! :D
  • SaltinesSaltines Rising Star
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    Yeah, I've been here from about the start, mostly just hovering over not saying much.

    This place has changed a bit. Reminds me about when I joined the Gh forums when every thread ended with Use The Search Function and people putting pictures of the search button in their sigs.
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