Matrix for Best Starpower path?

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I was just wondering if anyone has put together a matrix showing the best path for using starpower for each song.



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    first, i doubt it -- it would take a lot of work. second, and most importantly, this would assume that you can FC a song. one point in a song may be loaded with fast chords, but if you miss one or two and your multiplier is reset, then that part could very well give you less points than a different part in the song where you know you can hit every note

    not a bad idea though, i wondered myself when i first started.
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    It would require a lot of work and skill to be able to do such a thing as others have stated. It would require the person be able to FC each song and then try out different OD paths.

    However maybe if we had a collection of different people who can FC different songs, maybe someone can put it together in a thread! I might just do that with drums!
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    Just a note on the overdrive forums at

    Most Expert songs have paths drawn up. The vast majority of the paths are a good start, but definitely not "optimal."

    A scorehero member by the name of debr has his own website with optimal SP usage for all GH games (here's the link). He has coded his own program (in perl, I believe) to generate note charts and calculate the Star Power paths for optimal scores (even for DLC). He said that he was possibly working on doing the same thing for RB, but that was back in Nov/Dec and nothing has come of it yet.

    One of the problems with RB pathing is that energy acquisition through notes with holds is not perfectly consistent, particularly while Overrive is active. In many songs, you'll gain 1 beat of energy for each 1 beat whammied. In some songs, it's slightly more, and in others it's slightly less. Until this riddle is solved (it's believed to be caused by the BPM of the song), optimal pathing through a computer program isn't really possible.

    If anyone wants good paths for Expert Guitar songs, feel free to contact me- I've got a slew of first place scores after hours of note chart scrutiny.
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