DLC Patch Notes - 2/26/08

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Hey everyone,

A few songs we have released for DLC have been patched. The patches are live already on the 360, and go live on PS3 on the 28th. Online play/leaderboards/ranking are not affected by this. To get the updated DLC songs you can re-download them (directions at bottom of post). You won't be punished for not downloading them again, however, as the fixes have no effect on gameplay.

The following songs have incorrect genre tags which cause them to be lost when sort by genre in-game:

Title/Launch Date

“Can’t Stand Losing You” 20-Nov

“Roxanne” 20-Nov

“Synchronicity II” 20-Nov

“Police Pack 01” 020-Nov

“Brass in Pocket” 18-Dec

Also there was a bug where the vocals wouldn’t turn off when the user put them the whole way down but this has been fixed now! -

“Limelight” 1-Jan

How to re-download-

Xbox 360

Navigate to the System Blade ( purple ), select memory, all devices, games, Rock Band, search for any of the listed songs (right trigger is a page down ), select the song with the A button, and then select Delete.

Now either re-download from marketplace, or from the download history.


The songs won't appear in the store if you've already downloaded them, so you will need to re-download them from your download list.


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