Rock Blog Tuesday 08/21/07

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Yeah so last night I got a chance to go to the Bioshock release party at Felt in Boston which was really cool. I actually didn't see that they were giving out gift bags on my way out so I missed out on some of the awesomosity in there but I still had a good time. Got to see some people I hadn't seen in a really long time, had a few good drinks, admired the human statue people dressed up as people from Rapture. All in all a good time! It looks like it is going to be pretty awesome, I am definitely looking forward to playing.

Tomorrow I get on a plane and head to Seattle for PAX. I'll be there all Thursday setting up and getting ready and then it will be a torrent of craziness through the end of the weekend. I will say that I will try my best to keep posting while I am out there, and I will, but I also imagine I will be pulled in about 8 different directions at a time so I may lapse here and there. Smidget and PsycoCheerio will be dropping by the booth on Saturday evening, though (be at the booth at 5:45!) and maybe afterwards they can come on and post their impressions. It promises to be a crazy weekend, wish us luck!

Now off to LoveBucket practice to rock quite hard. Later!


Leo's blog is encountering some technical difficulties but will be linked to when it goes up later tonight.


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