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I played this a long time ago at another forum and it was a lot of fun. Also, I like pictures. :-)

Here are the rules:

[quote]OK, this is how it works.

You know the game where you say a word and the next person has to say a word that begins with the last letter of the previous word? Like: melon - nature - experience - egg - and so on...
This is the same but with records. I shall begin posting a record and from there on it's all up to you. Please follow the following rules for all our convenience.

Rule #1) It must be a real record by a real artist. No fakes or you will be disqualified and leave the game. You have to be able to prove that it is a real record if questioned. Real means from a real artist with a real record-contract. Not your local band's home-made CDR.

Rule #2) No single releases. Only albums. EP's are allright, not maxisingles.

Rule #3) You have to post a picture of the album in question. Preferably a medium-small sized one. I recommend for pics of the appropriate size.

Rule #4) IMPORTANT: No posting a record that has already been posted. Limited editions, other editions or re-releases of the same records are considered the same. If you do you will leave the game. I realize there is an edit button but if anyone sees that you've posted a repeated record before you edit it and you are called on it you have to be the bigger person and leave the game.

Rule #5) If you screw up and post a record that doesn't begin with the last letter of the previous record you will be so big to leave the game. The edit button comes in again but I'f you're called on having cheated you will have to leave.

Rule #6) If the name of a record ends with a number or a symbol it is allright to post a record that begins with the letter before the number or symbol. Naturally if you do find a record that begins with said number or symbol it is valid. The purpose of the game is to be exposed to as many records as possible. The winner will have to know about a lot of them - not be tricky and post a record that is hard to follow. Sigur R


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