Rock Blog Thurfriday PAX/Weekend edition

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Our booth is almost finished as of this morning we have a little bit of work to do when we get back in an hour or so. I want to tell you a crazy ass experience that happened yesterday.

So it is a big exhibition hall at PAX. Really big. And there were something like 400 people on the floor from PAX enforcers to exhibitors to contractors and union guys setting up all the booths. When our booth finally was setup enough so that we had speakers and all the televisions working our A/V guy asked if we could do a sound test to make sure all the stuff worked and the audio was balanced. John and I jump up on the stage (WE HAVE A STAGE!), I strap on a guitar, John is on drums and we launch into the recently announced Blitzkrieg Bop. We are about halfway through the song, which really isn't much time at all since it is a Ramones track, and there are suddenly about 150 people in our booth- something I didn't notice until that very second because I was focusing on my screen and the sound quality. The booth is actually so packed that people are in the aisles around our booth. There were no people in our booth when we started. Then a little over a minute later we have a cheering crowd that encompasses, like, half of the people on the floor at PAX.

The expo hasn't even started yet... this is going to be insane. I'll keep you in the know as it progresses.


Leo has his happy place.

DanT is at PAX in our booth and he brought his camera for a Flickr stream. Enjoy!


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