Faith No More - Angel Dust stuff

satevosatevo Unsigned
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I'd kill (or pay money) for some Faith No More tracks off of the Angel Dust album. Indeed there are also some choice tracks from King for a Day Fool for a Lifetime. It's in my top 5 of all albums ever. I appreciate the two tracks from FNM in the game, but they did a lot of great(er) stuff after their first two albums.

Mike Patton is an amazing vocalist, and he didn't really start to develop his style until after The Real Thing was released, and Angel Dust still had Jim Martin on guitar.


  • dansolodansolo Rising Star
    It would be fitting for Harmonix to release this since it is widely considered one of the least mainstream follow ups to a commercially successful album i. e. what is there to lose, besides lots of money for Harmonix, and i know they don't care about that
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