The OFFICIAL Green Day Request Thread (Actively Updated)

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Hey all you Green Day fans! I didn't find anything offical out there so I thought I would start one up. I think the best way to organize this would be to have everyone who wants Green Day to put their top three song choices from the band in their post. I will keep an updated list in this original post, and hopefully HMX can see what songs we desperately want.

Remember top three Green Day songs only.
NOTE: If you can, please post the Album the song is from.

Song-Album (Vote)

Basket Case-Dookie (10)

Welcome to Paradise-Dookie (9)

Holiday-American Idiot (5)

Jesus of Suburbia-American Idiot (4)

Longview-Dookie (3)
Walking Contradiction-Insomniac (3)

When I Come Around-Dookie (2)
Brain Stew-Nimrod (2)
Castaway-Warning (2)
Boulevard of Broken Dreams-American Idiot (2)

2,000 Light Years Away-Kerplunk! (1)
She-Dookie (1)
Hitchin' a Ride-Nimrod (1)
King for a Day-Nimrod (1)
Uptight-Nimrod (1)
Minority-Warning (1)
Warning-Warning (1)
American Idiot-American Idiot (1)
Novacaine-American Idiot (1)
Wake Me Up When September Ends-American Idiot (1)



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