The OFFICIAL Green Day Request Thread (Actively Updated)



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    Observation and maybe even a possible confirmation.
    The entire Revolution Radio album looks like it will be making it's way to Rock Band, why? Try requesting any of the tracks from the album and they do not submit. Try requesting any other song by the band from any of their other albums and they happily submit.

    Go on, try it.

    I did. And it worked for me. I even requested "Still Breathing", which is already DLC, and that worked.

    Is it possible you're requesting these songs for the second time? I've noticed that when you try requesting a song twice, the second request doesn't submit.
    I suppose that's possible, I may have gotten a bit too excited :P I didn't realise there was a limit on requests. Oops.

    They should put the album there anyway or at the very least get Bang Bang! :D
    Judging by the fact that we're only getting one new song a week, and even three packs are rare these days, I'd say the chances are next to none of us ever getting another full album from any band.

    That said, I'd love to get Revolution Radio, Outlaws, Youngblood, or Too Dumb to Die. Ordinary World is a great song too, but it's just guitar and vocals, and they seem to be avoiding songs lacking parts in RB4.
    We have love yourself. They're not against songs that only have guitar and vocals. Also, three packs aren't rare. We got 3 of those packs in January and 1 of those packs in February. So, yeah, we only get one new song a week, but it's more likely to go up when all of Harmonix's side projects are out.
    I meant band packs (which there's only been a few of since launch). I'm not sure if Love Yourself is the best example though. That's literally the ONLY guitar and vocals song we've gotten in the RB4 era, plus it's one of Bieber's biggest hits. It would've been weird NOT to include it.

    Ordinary World on the other hand wasn't even a release. The only reason it's a little popular was because some talk shows (I think it was Conan and some other show) had Billie Joe come on to kill two birds with one stone and hype some indie movie he was in AND the new Green Day album at once without bringing on the whole band.
  • I think at this point, the Green Day pack that would make the most sense is:
    Bang Bang
    Revolution Radio
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