Rock Band Dynamic Signatures Development

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Rock Band
Dynamic Signature

Table of Contents

I. Explanation
II. Data
III. Ideas in Mind
IV. Signature Types
V. Background
VI. Purpose
VII. Suggestions
VIII. Progress


The Rock Band Dynamic Signature will be based on PHP. PHP and GD Image together creating an outputted result that the user has entered. GD Image will then create the image, (PHP's Help too), while doing all this PHP will store your data in a MySQL Database. Which holds your inputted date, if you go and change it. It will update the MySQL Database too. Now after that has been done, it would generate you a quick link to put it on your signature. Where this is located in the User CP. This will all be sorted out once I finish it, and you try it.


The fields that user's will be able to put will be limited. But to the extent where it will share information about the player's Rock-Band(Literally). After deciding and based on independent research. I believe the following profile fields:Live Gamertag(xBox Live GamerTag)||PSN ID(Playstation Network ID)
Current Fans
Popularity(The star thing on your venue selection)
Band Leader
Role in Band
Best Score on a Song
P.S: If you think it is necessary to delete or modify or add any new fields to the signature let me know!

Ideas in Mind

The following are a list of things that would make this image or signature better. These go through my head, and sometimes are not possible, but I keep my imagination to a certain level:p:Ability to create a character.(***)
Ability to put custom fields.(**)
Ability to put your quote.(*)
Ability to put your band members names and positions.(*)
*:Most Likely.
**: Ehh, Not sure.
***: Thought's about being an impossible.

Signature Types

While writing the ideas section, I was thinking of some things. That maybe just 1 type of signature wouldn't be enough. Here is a list of the types of signatures there would or can be. With their explanation.Personal Signature-Personal signature would be just about your-self for example: Your PSN or XBL GT. Your Favorite Song, your role, favorite song.
Band Signature-This will be a signature that your whole band could use! It will hold information about your band and the leader. With a nice title, and your Current Fans, this will also generate 4 more different images. Where you are able to give the links to your band members. Where they can use it as a signature.(Might take a while).


Well, I have said everything but this. The image needs a background! I might have to pay attention on this one and try to make it like the site, and the styles you may choose for your profile.(Just like the same style, You will be able to pick it). Feel free for you guys to submit concept styles for this. I encourage this, as it will make my job much easier.

BG1: image


Well after all this. You guys might be saying why is this guy wasting his time. Well, the answer is. I have no life, I love computers. Also, I want to show my devotion to a community I just joined, and want to help the community out in any way as possible.

Good Ones:D

I will post any good suggestions or people who helped me out here.

I will post the progress here. I have just started, so it won't be necessary just yet.




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