Rock Blog Tuesday 08/28/07

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I slept for like 12 hours last night. It was awesome. I rolled into a work a touch late, locked some threads, wrote some emails, sent out some packages, saw the price that the guitar we signed for Scorehero fetched on Ebay... HOLY CRAP?!?!?! $1575??!?!?! In real money? That rules! As I have stated before we do love Scorehero, we've always thought JCirri runs a tight operation and it is a good place to talk about games. We are stoked that they could score some extra dough to keep their servers running tip-top. And whoever bought it - you rule. That was a really generous thing you did and I hope you enjoy the guitar.

I wanted to post this picture up because I am still nerding out about getting a chance to play the game with Jonathan Coulton.


I wish I had more to talk about but I am still feeling a little lagged trying to get back into a routine. Maybe I'll go home and play a little Bioshock?


Leo loves Public Transportation!


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