I Need Airbourne

razor_125razor_125 Unsigned
edited October 2011 in Your Ultimate Setlist
i know ac/dc is going to be really hard to get , or alot of money. but airbourne are new, just hit out there first cd ,are blowing up really fast, and are just as hard or good as ac/dc

if i had to pick 3 tunes i say
too much too young too fast
runnin wild
and Diamond in the Rough

there a great 4 part band and would be a great fit tell me what u think

i like to see if u can get them now before the bezz makes them bigger then life and if anyone hasn't herd of them and u love ac/dc u should love them too.
by the way have u found its cheaper for new bands because there looking to be put out to ppl or is money the same to them all

Keep on rocking my friends!


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