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I think that Van Halen is the prototypical band for Rock Band, as it is often the first band that comes to mind when one thinks of a "rock band". With a singer, guitarist, bassist, and drummer, it would be perfect for Rock Band. So post your comments here, and what songs you would like to see (popular and lesser known) for DLC. Try to limit it to a small number though.

1. Panama
2. Little Dreamer
3. Dance the Night Away
4. Ain't Talking Bout Love
5. Romeo Delight


  • Gatorguy91Gatorguy91 Road Warrior
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    I would pay 40 dollars for this Van Halen 6 Pack:

    Hot For Teacher
    Ain't Talkin' Bout Love
    Runnin' With the Devil (mainly for vox & i think the gtr solo would be fun)
    Pretty Woman (Include the Opening SOLO)

  • m00pm00p Banned
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    DSOTM;415270 said:
    Why Do You Type Like This
    Also, Panama should definitely be in Rock Band. I'm surprised it wasn't.
    Panama is one of the greatest rock songs of all time, of course it has to be in this game. I dont know about hot for teacher though. Its kind of overrated and im a bit iffy on it now. Mean street would be fun as hell on drums but im thinking too hard on guitar.
  • shwinglesshwingles Opening Act
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    im suprised nobody has said eruption, the entire song is basicly a solo!
  • m00pm00p Banned
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    yes, its basically a GUITAR solo. This is rock BAND. Each instrument has to at least play a couple notes.
  • MxKrmr1974MxKrmr1974 Unsigned
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    Eruption/You Really Got Me (they have to go together)
    Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
    Hot For Teacher
    Good Enough (sure it's Van Hagar, but Sammy's alright, too)

    I know Eruption is a guitar solo, but you could do the same thing they did with Fourplay/Long Time and drop the instrumental in the single player vocal/drum modes.
  • danskidanski Opening Act
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    jump, hot for teacher, panama, right now.

    Eruption... just because everyone but the guitarist will be bored isn't a good reason to exclude it. oh wait having the band fail every time is.
  • istolesocietyistolesociety Unsigned
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    greatest van halen song ever
  • causalgamercausalgamer Unsigned
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    Hot for Teacher. I'd buy it!
  • Bl1zzardBl1zzard Unsigned
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    Can you imagine the drums on Expert with Hot for Teacher? My arms and leg get tired just thinking of it...
    But, hell yeah, I'd give my best shot. I always wanted to be Eddie, especially after he married Valerie.
  • AeroZeppelinSevenfoldAeroZeppelinSevenfold Road Warrior
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    I want the 1984 album, and the Van Halen album.
    and if i can't have that, then i could settle with:
    Hot For Teacher
    Runnin With The Devil
    Ain't Talking Bout Love
    Beautiful Girls
    Jump (just so I can jump in everybodys way when i sing it, just like david lee roth)
    and if not jump, i want their cover of Pretty Woman.

    all this would make my rock band.
  • juhaaanjuhaaan Opening Act
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    Love Van Halen! Really wanna see Aint talkin bout love and you really got me
  • JBSpeedJBSpeed Unsigned
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    I'm a huge Van Halen fan...although my setlist would stray from the mainstream VH tunes. These songs, even though relatively unknown to the mainstream, would just be insanely fun songs to play through, whether it be drums, guitar, bass, or vocals.

    1. I'm The One
    2. On Fire
    3. Loss of Control
    4. So This Is Love?
    5. Mean Street

    For mainstream hits...

    1. Jump
    2. Panama
    3. Hot For Teacher
    4. Unchained
    5. You Really Got Me

    I just can't believe there is still no Van Halen in this game. This band, at least in the DLR-era, played heavy riffed, driving rock songs, ones that just get your blood going. In my opinion, a perfect fit for a game like this :)
  • U2Phreak1969U2Phreak1969 Rising Star
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    Van Halen/David Lee Roth
    1. Eruption
    2. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
    3. Runnin' With The Devil
    4. Dance The Night Away
    5. And The Cradle Will Rock...
    6. Unchained (Album Version)

    Van Halen/Hagar
    1. Why Can't This Be Love
    2. Dreams
    3. When It's Love
    4. Poundcake
    5. Right Now
    6. Can't Stop Lovin' You

    I'd Buy It All!!!!
  • KiwiStalkKiwiStalk Unsigned
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    No love for Top Jimmy or Romeo Delight?

    Van Halen & 1984 would be the most obvious album downloads. Both are chock full of 80's hard rock and 4-peice band goodness.

    We at least need: Panama, Hot for Teacher, and You Really Got Me though, if not a full album release.
  • kylerownsx62kylerownsx62 Road Warrior
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    Panama and Hot for Teacher would be amazing
  • Gatorguy91Gatorguy91 Road Warrior
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    this thread needs more support. Plx.
  • Kenny22Kenny22 Opening Act
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    I am in full support of Van Halen in Rock Band. I'd prefer anything from the first 6 albums (the David Lee Roth years) because let's face it those hits are the better songs and will offer the best and most enjoyable gameplay. I'm really pumped because I'm seeing Van Halen again tomorrow in NJ, first time I saw them was in November at Madison Square Garden... their first time back to the greatest arena in the world in 22 years... It was an amazing show and I'm sure tomorrow night will be no different. Come on HMX, let's see some Van Halen in Rock Band!
  • Gatorguy91Gatorguy91 Road Warrior
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    Come on, Let's see some HALEN!! GH4 already got it!
  • Kenny22Kenny22 Opening Act
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    Hey guys just figured I'd throw this info out to all Van Halen fans... I just returned from the Van Halen concert in East Rutherford, NJ and what a show... the boys are back and there on fire like never before! David Lee Roth announced to us early in the show that tonight was a special night because they were filming the concert for their upcoming live DVD. I'm really excited for this because I was hoping a live DVD would happen for this tour since it is such a memorable reunion but who would have guessed it would have been filmed on a night I was there. Just thought I'd give everyone the heads up on the DVD... To conclude, Van Halen in Rock Band is an absolute must!
  • otisburnsotisburns Unsigned
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    Have I said we NEED Hot for Teacher by Halen yet?
  • HippoHippo Unsigned
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    100% Agree that Van Halen should be added.
  • OrgasmicOrangeOrgasmicOrange Opening Act
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    I think HMX should sterr clear of the covers, as many of the ones they did were famous by the original artists i.e. Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison & You Really Got Me by The Kinks.

    Also steer clear of the 1984 album as entire lp dlc - can't be done since there are keyboards dominating three songs. You should pull the best for dlc from 1984.

    My picks...
    DLR ERA (in no order):
    1) Runnin' With The Devil
    2) Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love
    3) Somebody Get Me A Doctor
    4) And The Cradle Will Rock
    5) Everybody Wants Some
    6) Where Have All The Good Times Gone
    7) Mean Street
    8) Panama
    9) Hot For Teacher
    10) Unchained

    1) Why Can't This Be Love
    2) Good Enough
    3) Right Now (not sure if it would work with amount of keyboards in song, but does have more guitar than "Jump")
    4) Runaround
    5) Finish What Ya Started
    6) When It's Love (or "Black And Blue" if u think it has too many keyboards)
    7) Aftershock
    8) Feelin'
    9) Poundcake
    10) Best Of Both Worlds
  • OrgasmicOrangeOrgasmicOrange Opening Act
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    Many people are quoting 1984 or the s/t Van Halen album for an entire lp dl... but anyone consider a Van Hagar album???

    If yes I think the best album would be 5150 --- a good album from start to finish.

    I prefer the DLR years... but still like Sammy & think he deserves his due.

    Now if only Dave & the gang can get back in the studio & record a new album --- of course release the single to rock band first - just like Motley Crue did.
  • Lizard_KingLizard_King Road Warrior
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    Hot For Teacher would be epic for this game, the only problem is the double bass for drums the entire song, so that would be an issue...
  • PsychoWizardPsychoWizard Unsigned
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    One song that could not be in it, but i would pay 1200MS points for.

    Maybe if they did a similar thing they did with 'Brainpower' and change the intro synth to just the lead eddie plays during the intro.

    If you heard/like that song, just imagine how epic that would be!
  • RockbizzleRockbizzle Unsigned
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    "Runnin' with the Devil"!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, all Halen would be cool.
  • Snowman-1771Snowman-1771 Opening Act
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    Wake up HMX!! We want Van Halen!!
  • Mike_Hunt_ehMike_Hunt_eh Unsigned
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    Another amazing band that needs to be on rock band for the guitar value. C'mon eddie vanhalen created the double tap and thats what u can do on the RB guitar
  • KelvisKelvis Opening Act
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    Mike_Hunt_eh;750094 said:
    Another amazing band that needs to be on rock band for the guitar value. C'mon eddie vanhalen created the double tap and thats what u can do on the RB guitar
    I always thought that EvH created the 'double tap' technique too...Until I saw a video of Ace Frehley doing it live onstage in 1977, a year before Van Halen's debut album...Tapping was also used by Ace Frehley as early as 1975, for his live solo at the end of the song "She" during Kiss's performance on the Midnight Special. The technique would remain a part of Frehley's solos from 1977 through the Kiss reunion during "Shock Me".
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