Official Red Hot Chili Peppers Request Thread

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Looks like we got what we wanted! Im sure most of you know Blood Sugar Sex Magik was announced a couple weeks ago as album DLC!

That also makes RHCP (Im not 100% sure) the most represented band in the Rock Band or Guitar Hero series!

Guitar Hero 1:
Higher Ground

Guitar Hero 3:
Suck My Kiss

Rock Band:
Dani California

Rock Band DLC:
Tell Me Baby
Snow ((Hey Oh))
Blood Sugar Sex Magik Album (16 songs)

Rock Band 2:
Give it Away

Guitar Hero On Tour Decades:
Can't Stop

That totals 23 songs!


Common. No RHCP DLC? Please. We need some RHCP soon, and not just Dani California or By the Way. We need some old school funk Chilis to go with the newer stuff. Post here if you agree of have your own ideas for packs. Here are mine.

Johns Return Pack (New pack)
Scar Tissue
Can't Stop

Funk Pack (Old pack)
Stone Cold Bush
Yertle the Turtle
Fight Like a Brave

Overall pack (Little of everything)- 6 songs
Get Up and Jump
Knock Me Down
Under the Bridge
Shallow Be Thy Game
Around the World
Torture Me

Blood Sugar Sex Magik Album DLC


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