Rock Blog Friday 08/31/07 Goodbye August!

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That was fast. August? It's over now. I don't know if I even looked up long enough to see it and now it is gone. I'll miss it I think.

So the reformed members of LoveBucket ...ummm... reformed last night to start a new band and go through Band World Tour. Our new band's name? "The Stupid Babies Who Cry All The Time." Kneel before the greatest band name in the history of rock. We even made characters who all have the last name of "Baby". My challenge to you? Design us a logo. It has to be powerful, evocative, and you have to sign over all rights to me. Break out your dusty old copies of Photoshop (or MS Paint if you are feeling particularly masochistic.)

Two blogs today, have an awesome weekend!

DanT does a community profile on Sean... wait... THAT'S ME!

Naoko answers questions...such as why don't some Americans know where North America is?


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