And the Final Encore of Guitar Hero 3 is....

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Divine Wings of Tragedy - Symphony X. :(

I've never even heard of it.

Here's what drew me to this conclusion. One of the people that played the game says that " it's a song that I have NEVER seen requested or even talked about in relation to Guitar Hero, I've never even seen a custom for it." Another person that played it says "The name of the final encore? It has to do with Dante's Inferno (and no, it isn't the Iced Earth song bearing the same name)."

So I went to Wikipedia, to the page "Dante and his divine comedy in popular culture." I then look under "music." Symphony X is the only band I've heard of on that list. I then went to Youtube and looked at the song. Clocking in at about 15 minutes with some great guitar work, I think it's safe to say that this is the final encore.

Or "The Devil Went Down To Georgia."


Oh, and here's Through the fire and flames in GLORIOUS HD.


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