Weird-News: Scrapped Metal Buddha

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If you see the Buddha sitting on the side of the road, scrap it.

Elk River, MN (AHN) - Police have arrested a 45-year-old Elk River woman for stealing a 7-foot, copper-laden bronze statue of Buddha valued at $10,000. The statue, which was located at an outdoor temple shrine at the Thai Buddhist Center of Minnesota, was later sold off to scrap dealers. Police also suspect another male family member in the theft of the statue Wednesday night.

A statewide alert has been issued to police and scrap dealers Thursday with a photo of the stolen Buddha which was specially made in Thailand for the center.

According to AP reports, a Monticello-based recycling company called a detective Friday after receiving two pieces of scrap they believed to be from the statue.

So far, police recovered the right shoulder and right hip of the statue, each weighing about 60 pounds. There are still another 10 pieces missing and police hope that the new law in Minnesota, which took effect Aug 1, would help solve the case soon.

According to the law, it is mandatory for all scrap dealers to keep detailed records of all transactions. All sellers are required to show state-issued IDs before they sell their wares.

The dealers are required to pay them with checks or electronic transfers and take pictures of them and their vehicles.

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