Dragonball Z movie filming in Montreal

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It's just one of the films that's planned to be in production in the Canadian city, eh? From RottenTomatoes:

Looking for a job in the movie industry? It might not be a bad idea to move to Montreal, where -- as The Montreal Gazette reports -- three big-budget projects are scheduled to start filming in the next nine months.

The movies -- all of which are being distributed by 20th Century Fox -- include the Night at the Museum sequel, Another Night; Roland Emmerich's Fantastic Voyage remake; and the long-planned Dragonball Z adaptation. It's this last title that's probably of most interest to the RT faithful, and though the article isn't exactly long on details, it does mention that each of the films carries a budget of at least $100 million, and says all three of them are "expected to wrap production by next July."

The Dragonball Z anime series, which originally ran from 1989 to 1996 (and was itself a sequel to the 1986-1989 Dragon Ball series), adapted creator Akira Toriyama's hugely successful 1984-1995 manga for television audiences. With all that history -- not to mention a devoted worldwide fanbase -- mounting a live-action film adaptation is much easier said than done, which is part of why Fox has had Dragonball Z in and out of development for years. Some fans had (perhaps wishfully) given it up for dead, but it's apparently on a fast track; presumably, we'll be hearing more details soon.

For more information on these projects -- including a few extra tidbits about Another Night and Fantastic Voyage -- click the link below.

Source: The Montreal Gazette

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